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Graffiti inspired accessories for every astrological sign

Every astrology sign has a unique sense of style to them. Some of them like to stand out from the crowd, while others usually look for the ways to blend in and adjust themselves to the norms. Even though they are different in what they perceive as a fashionable and modern, they can’t stay immune to the graffiti style. Here’s our list of the best accessories that will suit every sign!


When it comes to fashion, Aries like to stand out – in every sense of the word. They’re noisy, bold, and careless, so the graffiti accessories are a perfect way for them to express themselves. A pair of sunglasses are too small – a big graffiti handbag or a graffiti styles sportswear will suit Aries’ appetite.


Taurus is known as a hedonist sign, which means they enjoy the beauty of life. However, their fashion taste is not as bold as Aries. Taurus would probably look for comfort among fashionability so that they would choose a graffiti style as a detail. Everything like a necklace or a bracelet or a scarf will make them look cute.


Geminis love to experiment. They are outgoing, great communicators, and most of all, they have a unique sense of style. Most likely, a graffiti fashion is something appealing to them. They will go with anything they can get, as long as it’s casual.


Cancers are a bit conservative, which reflects on their sense of style, too. There’s an unlikely chance that they’re going to dress in a graffiti-inspired outfit from head to toe. However, if they receive a graffiti-inspired gift like a cushion, a set of plates, or a blanket, they won’t turn you down.


The kings and queens of Zodiac would love to take something that will make them trendy and modern. Since they follow every single fashion tips they can run into, you will easily convince them to try everything you can think of – but make sure it looks pricey!


Virgos are too rational and conservative to try out something so wild and trendy as graffiti inspired accessories. But if you access them the right way, and rationally explain why it’s good to have a graffiti designed sunglasses or a wallet, they might fall for it.


Flirty Libras have a wild side to them, so graffiti styled accessories will suit them. They won’t turn down a beautiful graffiti inspired handbag or a pair of sunglasses – anything that will keep them pretty and fashionable.


Very intuitive and mysterious, Scorpios won’t do anything that will make them reveal their real intentions. So, they will often use graffiti inspired accessories to confuse the people around them.


Free-minded Sagittarius is not picky when it comes to fashion. They would love a graffiti designed sportswear or even high-fashion pieces.


Too traditional and stubborn to try new things, Capricorns would turn down the offer to make themselves different. But, if the graffiti design is black and white, they might try it out.


Graffiti style is designed for Aquarius’ nonconventional nature. People who enjoy liberty will also enjoy the original graffiti looks.


Pisces are imaginative and creative, so graffiti designed wardrobe can be a great pick for their closet. They might even try to experiment with their new accessories and mix them with more conventional styles.…